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Press Distribution

Reputation Maxx assists clients with brand reputation management to reach their target audiences through a variety of mediums including writing and distributing high-ranking and powerful press releases.

Each press release will be written at the optimum length for consumer digestion. All you need to do is provide our brand reputation management team with the necessary information, and we will share your company’s news and announcements through impeccably written and widely distributed press releases that will reach your target audience via some of the Internet’s highest-ranking sites. Our press releases often end up on the first page of search engine results affording you and your company the optimum amount of visibility and can also boost related website rankings.

One of the many things that sets Reputation Maxx apart from the competition is the fact that we operate in three countries the United States, Canada and Mexico. The translation of all of the press releases Reputation Maxx distributes into Spanish to be placed on our two press release sites in Mexico is also included in many of our brand reputation management packages. Those sites, Prensa Ahora and Enterate Ahora, rank extremely high in their respective markets allowing your company’s message to be targeted and reach a rapidly growing market in many Latin American countries as well as by Spanish-speakers in the United States as well. We are the only company that can offer this exclusive service and so effectively reach an international market with our targeted brand reputation management solutions.

Whatever your needs may be, we can offer you a package to distribute your press to the world better than you ever imagined possible.